3D Microbladed, hybrid
or Ombré Powder Brows

Full brows including follow-up session


Traditional Eyeliner or Lash Liner

Upper & lower*


Upper or Lower Eyeliner only*


Smudgy Eyeliner or Two Color*


*includes Follow-up session

sheer, full lips*


Lip Liner with blending*


Lip Liner & Lip Fill*


*includes Follow-up session

One pASS Lips


3D Nipple/Areola Restoration





Priced Per Session

Scar Revision & Camouflage

$365 & up

Modifications / Touch-up

$375 & up

Touch-up on other technicians work

Lips, Areolas & Eyeliner

$375 & up

Brows $475

Botched Ink Pigment Removal & Lightening

$195 session

3 sessions $525.


Does it hurt?

The procedure is uncomfortable in varying degrees depending on the individual. Overall, most clients find the discomfort moderate to minimal. Prescription strength topical anesthetics are applied prior to and during the procedure.
“Your comfort is a priority”
– Donna

What if I want to change the color?

Donna is a Certified Personal Color Consultant and matches all pigments to your natural skin and hair tones. She is A+Ocean Certified in
safe saline removal of unwanted or misplaced pigments.
With her unique skills, she is able to modify older
permanent makeup and lighten, adjust or
update the shape and color as aging and styles dictate.

What about recovery?

All procedures may result in minor swelling and possibly superficial scabbing. Redness may be present for several hours. Swelling will diminish within hours and scabbing within a few days. A complete postcare kit and guidance is provided for each procedure. Most clients return to normal activities in 3-5 days.

What about safety?

Donna observes all CDC guidelines as well as the GA State Board of Cosmetology rules. All implements are single use and disposable. Postcare guidelines are reviewed with each client.
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